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Update July 2017

Wanted to give you guys an update with what I've been working on and how I spent my time the past half year.

Black Hat USA 2017
Everybody knows Black Hat, one of the most well known InfoSec conferences in the world. Black Hat has a student scholarship program which I signed up for. By my own surprise I was granted an Academic Pass to attend Black Hat USA 2017! Unfortunately I'm still a broke college student and couldn't afford to go to Las Vegas for three days. Attending Black Hat or Def Con has been a dream of mine since I started reading up on cyber security.

Raspberry Pineapple
I've been developing software mimicking Hak5's Pineapple on the Raspberry Pi Zero W with a smartphone interface. There is still a lot of coding/debugging to be done but I'll definitely make it open-source once I've ironed it a bit more (read a lot).

Facebook Hacker Cup
This year I participated in the Facebook Hacker Cup, with no intentions of winning but rather to challenge myself and my algorithm creating skills. Also, this cup was right in the middle of my finals so I participated in my very little free time. I chose to use C# because I'm most familiar with this language and it's also pretty handy for visualizing 2D elements. I had two of the three problems correct in the qualification round but didn't bother with the first actual round because of my finals. Better luck next year!

Password Security
In my opinion passwords are a very important part of our everyday life, even though it doesn't seem like it. That is why I'm currently writing a comprehensive article about password security and the best practices on how to secure yourself as user and as a developer.

Internship and finishing my degree
This year was the final year of my Bachelors Degree. And to finish my three years I had a semester long internship and thesis. My internship was with Tele-Signal Electronics and their Oscart subdivision as a Bash/Java/C# Developer. But due to my NDA I can't really talk about it much. What I can say is that it was a very educational experience!

Bounty Hunting
Ofcourse I'm still searching for security loopholes! I have been thoroughly inspecting a LAN-enabled device which has a public facing control panel with some XSS vulnerabilities which I will be disclosing after some more investigating.

Now that I have my Bachelors Degree in Electronics-ICT I'll have to choose between finding a job or another degree (I'm currently leaning for the latter). I won't be doing my Masters Degree in Electronics-ICT because (obviously) my interests shifted to info/netsec. Howest in Brugge, Belgium offers a Cybercrime and Computer Professional (oddly named CCCP) degree which, unless a great job opportunity rises, I'll be studying for the next 2-3 years.

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